JET box

How to Use:

Tata Cara 1
Get JET box on the nearest JET express branch or and
Tata Cara 2
Find and cut the voucher inside JET box
Tata Cara 3
Give the voucher cut-out to JET express officer when sending package to get price deduction

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Voucher is non-refundable and non-returnable
  2. Voucher cannot be combined with any other promotions
  3. Voucher can only be used for shipment with JET express
  4. One voucher valid for one shipment
  5. Excess of shipment tariff after voucher deduction have to be paid to JET express officer
  6. Valid in all JET express branches
  7. Vouchers are only valid when stamped
  8. All kinds of packages can be delivered by JET express, except:
    • Prohibited and dangerous goods, e.g. flammable and explosive liquids or goods
    • Material bermagnet
    • Illegal drugs, narcotics and or any other addictive drugs, Firearms (real or replica), explosives and ammunition
    • Pornographic and stolen items
    • Valuable items, e.g. cash checks, securities investment, gold, silver, metal and gemstones
    • Animals or plants
  9. JET express reserves the right to change or modify parts of this terms and conditions at our sole discretion

For further information,
Please contact our customer service at 1-500-538 (JET) or