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20% Sales Commission

20% of total monthly sales will be given to you


Location Requirements and Outlet Infrastructure
(Personal and Companies)

  1. Accessible by car
  2. Available table and chairs for waiting area
  3. Area for JET express banners, neon box and its pole

System Requirements
(Personal and Companies)

  1. Laptop
  2. Printer
  3. Digital scale with minimum capacity of 30 kg
  4. Internet access availability

Administration Requirements
(Personal and Companies)

  1. Filing application, KTP (Identity Card), NPWP (Tax Number), and close-up color photo 4 x 6 cm (3 photos)
  2. Deed of Company Establishment, The Company’s Register Permit from the Trade and Industry Ministry, Company Registration Certificate
  3. Certificate of Business Domicile or Last payment proof for Building License Permits
  4. Map of outlet location and outlet photos (exterior and interior)

Human Resources Requirements
(Personal and Companies)

  1. Minimum 1-2 persons
  2. Can operate computer or tablet and internet
  3. Wears JET express uniform (apron) during working hours and maintains the integrity of JET express

Payment System

  1. Daily outlet sales is paid in cash and cashless (outlet balance)
  2. Payment of outlet package can be done by bank cash deposit, ATM transfer, e-Banking, etc to JET express bank account

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